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Mortgage Modifications

Westport Mortgage Modification Attorney

Many attorneys solely promote bankruptcy as a means to avoid foreclosure actions. While this can effectively save your home, it also will likely leave you facing other long-term financial challenges.

At the law office of Brad M. Aron, Attorney at Law, we promote foreclosure defense actions that help keep people in their homes while ridding them of the harmful aspects of their loan agreements. We can often achieve success through mortgage loan negotiation with financial institutions.

Mortgage modifications, while effective, are not without challenges. If you are facing foreclosure, make sure to work with an experienced Westport mortgage modification lawyer. We can advocate for your best interests by developing a plan of action and presenting that plan persuasively to creditors so you can make reasonable, fair and on-time mortgage payments.

When it is time to pursue a loan modification, remember:

  • Be clear and forthcoming about your financial situation: You lender needs to understand the true nature of your hardship and be given straightforward information about your income, debts and the circumstances that led you to loan negotiation. Our firm can make sure all documentation is thorough and presented effectively.
  • Do not let one modification proposal denial stop you: Lenders have complex processes that sometimes leave details overlooked. We can persistently advocate for you even if your initial proposal has been denied.
  • Loan modification is good for you and your lender: The foreclosure process is expensive. It is best for all parties involved to keep you in your home and help you return to prompt and steady loan payments. Our goal is to keep you in good standing with your lender through reasonable and effective loan negotiation.

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